Friday, November 14, 2014

Moving to Xubuntu

I've decided to completely move to Xubuntu 14.04 LTS as my main OS. My Windows 7 Home Premium is almost crushed under the weight of its own security updates, though I must admit it survided 3 years without reinstall, which is sort of a record to me, so cudos to M$ :)

Issues I have met so far:
  1. There is no good replacement for the MS Office. I desparately need Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project and Visio for my work, so I'll go with corporate Windows 7 running on a VirtualBox VM
  2. Not sure if my 3G Huawei modem will work. Linux has detected it correctly, but still I have not succeeded to connect
  3. I have managed to connect to my company's VPN with AnyConnect client, but would like to migrate to the OpenConnnect integrated with NetworkManager. OpenConnect does not work correctly so far due to some issues with host scanning
  4. Evernote desktop client is not supported on Linux. I have to stick to the web version and use the desktop in the corporate Windows 7 running on a VM
  5. Google Drive desktop client is not supported on Linux. There are some replacements available, I'd like to stick to the one which integrates with Fuse but not yet succeeded
  6. Ubuntu 14.04 has a bug with 802.1x which is a bit annoying but possible to overcome
  7. I'd like to run a VM with interface to the corporate network trough VPN running on Linux. I have no idea yet how to configure it (IP tunnel? not sure)
  8. Connecting Bluetooth input devices required some hacking in HID autoconnect scripts
  9. Opera browser is available for Linux only in beta stage

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Taras Kondratyuk said...

I rarely use MS office, but it seems to be working fine under Wine.