Sunday, December 7, 2008

wireless performance

QNX has adopted 802.11 wireless stack (as a part of the whole networking stack) from the NetBSD sources. Since 802.11n is not yet supported by the NetBSD so it is worth to implement support. It would be interesting to measure its performance and compare with the Linux wireless stack. Of course, the OSes are totally different but still from the POV of a RG or video bridge it would be interesting to compare the performance in terms of maximum throughput and pps.
So I need to:
  • choose a HW platform for the tests (I guess PXA dongle with 32MB of RAM should be OK)
  • make a QNX 6.4 BSP for it using already existing BSPs
  • make a Linux BSP for it using preferably E-CLFS with some latest kernel
  • compare performance in general (ethernet routing/bridging)
  • make a clean ethernet-like MTLK Linux driver
  • make a clean ethernet-like MTLK QNX driver
  • compare performance again
Note, no native wireless stack usage at this point. We'll see how QNX will progress with that :)

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